During the conference, you can enjoy the great tourism objects in Batu and surroundings.

jatim-park-1-b        jatim-park-1   jatim-park-1-c

Jatim Park 1


jatim-park-2-a      jatim-park-2-b    jatim-park-2-c

Jatim Park 2 (Secret Zoo dan Museum Satwa)



museum-angkut-malang-a      museum-angkut-c     museum-angkut-b

Museum Angkut

eco-green-park-a     eco-green-park-b    eco-green-park-c

Eco Green Park

batu-night-spectacular-b     batu-night-spectacular-d    batu-night-spectacular-c

BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)

alun-alun-batu_a    alun-alun-batu_b    alun-alun-batu_c

Batu Square

coban-rondo-c      coban-rondo-b   coban-rondo-a

Coban Rais and Coban Rondo Waterfall

gunung-bromo-a    gunung-bromo-b    gunung-bromo-c

Mount Bromo